Cal Poly Cares Application For Assistance

Cal Poly Cares can award grants up to $2,000. In order to be eligible for Cal Poly Cares, students must exhaust all other eligible Financial Aid options. For applications to be reviewed, students must:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)/CA DREAM Act Application.
  • Accept subsidized loans.
  • If on academic probation, have begun the appeal process (SAP appeal process).
  • Review and complete "To Do" items requested by Financial Aid Office (found on the Money Matters tab in the Cal Poly Portal).

Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis, and students will receive a decision by email to their Cal Poly email address. 

*If you are experiencing hunger and/or food insecurity, please contact our office or visit the Basic Needs website for more resources, including meal vouchers and food pantry information.

Information About You
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Cal Poly Cares provides support to students with unexpected and urgent unmet needs including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Housing: supports students experiencing homelessness by providing short-term emergency housing and housing assistance.
  • Medical: provides support for unexpected medical expenses that are critical to a student’s health and wellbeing.
  • Academic Supplies and Materials: offers funds for textbooks, course materials, supplies and technology that exceed a student's financial resources.
  • Tuition: provides tuition support for students who have utilized all available funding sources.
  • Commencement Regalia: offers commencement regalia for graduating seniors who would otherwise be unable to participate in graduation.
  • Other: offers support with unplanned expenses that require immediate relief such as car repairs, travel home for emergency family situations, and other temporary hardships.
Cal Poly Cares Awards

Please explain how these unexpected circumstances may affect your ability to remain enrolled at Cal Poly. If this is a life-threatening circumstance and your safety and/or overall wellbeing are in danger, please call 911 or the Cal Poly Police Department at 805-756-2281 immediately.


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By checking below, I give permission to apply Cal Poly Cares grant to charges that are not automatically paid by financial aid, including, but not limited to housing and dining fees, health fees, etc. Granting this permission may expedite the clearing of charges on your student account, thereby helping you avoid late payment fees and/or a hold being placed on your student records.

By checking below, I give permission to the Cal Poly Financial Aid Office to release my financial aid award information to the members of the selection committee. If you do not give this permission, your application cannot be processed. For additional questions, please call Student Support, Success and Retention at 805-756-2472.

The Cal Poly Cares Committee meets weekly and you will be notified by email of the decision regarding your grant within 10 days.

Funding from the Cal Poly Cares program will be coordinated with financial aid and may impact your other aid.

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