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Cal Poly Cares can award grants up to $2,000. If you have a greater need, please contact the Dean of Students office at (805) 756-2472 or

In order to be eligible for Cal Poly Cares students must have utilized all available funding sources, including subsidized loans.

Information About You
Enter any leading zeros, must be 9 digits

Cal Poly Cares provides support to students with critical and urgent unmet needs in the following areas:

  • Housing & Meals: supports students experiencing homelessness by providing short-term emergency housing and assists students to ensure access to campus meals
  • Personal Care Items: provides basic hygiene and personal care items that are essential to a student’s health and wellbeing
  • Academic Supplies and Materials: offers funds for essential textbooks, course materials, supplies and technology
  • Professional Clothing: provides awards for purchasing professional clothing for job interviews and other career-building opportunities
  • Other: offers support with unplanned expenses that require immediate relief such as car repairs, travel home for emergency family situations, medical expenses, and other temporary hardships
Cal Poly Cares Awards





If your dollar amount request is for more than $600, please describe below why you need this assistance.


Please add up the total dollar amount you have requested and enter it below:

Additional Information

Please explain how these unexpected circumstances may affect your ability to remain enrolled at Cal Poly (not applicable to Commencement Fee).

By checking below, I give permission to the Cal Poly Financial Aid Office to release my financial aid award information to the members of the selection committee.

If you have financial aid and do not give permission, your application cannot be processed.


You will be notified regarding the decision on your request within three business days by email.

Funding from the Cal Poly Cares program will be coordinated with financial aid and may impact your other aid.

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