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International Poly Hosts Overview

The International Poly Hosts Program helps foster connections between Cal Poly international students and the Cal Poly community. A Poly Host is a Cal Poly staff or faculty member who has volunteered their time to get to know one, two or even three Cal Poly international students. International students will get the opportunity to experience life in the local community through occasional visits with their Poly Host. These visits can include various types of activities, such as a hike, going to the beach, attending a sporting event, or celebrating holidays/family occasions. A Poly Host will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures while also having the opportunity to share their culture. 

One to three international students are paired with a Cal Poly staff or faculty member for a cross-cultural exchange during the academic school year. Poly Hosts are asked to connect with their international student(s) throughout the academic year and possibly during school breaks and/or holidays. Matches will be made in early-mid October.

This application is only open to Cal Poly Staff/Faculty

This program is only open to all current Cal Poly staff/faculty. Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications from outside community members at this time. You will be required to provide your Cal Poly email address in order to complete the application. If you have any questions, please email

Expectations as a Host

  • Poly Hosts and students can decide what type of visits to enjoy together based on common interests and time availability. Some types of activities include:
    • meeting for coffee
    • spending a holiday together
    • going out to eat
    • visiting the host's home for dinner, a celebration, etc.
    • seeing a movie 
    • visiting the local sights
    • attending a campus or community event
  • No alcohol shall be provided to any underage students
  • Please refrain from smoking while you are with your students
  • Students will be expected to pay for their own food and entertainment during outings, and you should not feel pressured to pay for the student
  • The purpose of this program is to share your own culture while respecting your student's cultural values--hosts should refrain from imposing any personal, religious or cultural beliefs 
  • This program is not intended to provide short-term housing to students
  • Hosts should be open to meeting international students from any country
  • We will do our best to find you a match based on your preferences; however, please understand that depending on which international students apply for this program, we may not be able to satisfy your preference


Students will be matched with a Cal Poly staff or faculty member in early-mid October. Students apply for the program throughout the school year so hosts may receive assignments on a rolling basis. Hosts can begin communicating with their students via email as soon as they are matched. Due to COVID-19 we are encouraging outdoor activities for this program.

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