Teach for Quarter Plus Freshmen Program - Call for Proposals

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Quarter Plus is an intensive academic experience for incoming first year students in the late summer session before fall term begins.

A schedule has been proposed for 2017 with classes running from August 14, 2017 to September 8, 2017. Tentatively there are fourteen (14) instructional days planned, with classes scheduled four days per week and a separate day for a final.

Enrollment is dependent upon program participation; it's typically capped at 40 students for most classes, but has historically been lower. Faculty are paid directly from Extended Education as additional compensation which is calculated at 1/45 of base annual salary per WTU. (see Self-Support Personnel Policies for additional details).

Courses that will be considered for the session include the following attributes:

  • A faculty member able to commit to the Quarter Plus session with no other instructional assignments in the summer term.
  • A class with hour requirements under 56 hours with unit values similar to a 4 unit lecture class or a 3 unit lecture and 1 unit activity class. Please contact Extended Education to inquire about other unit values or hour requirements. Lab courses will not be considered.
  • An introductory level class with no prerequisites.
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