Cal Vet College Fee Waiver Submission

INCOMING 2022 MUSTANGS: If you are newly attending in Fall 2022, do not turn in your Cal Vet College Fee Waiver until you are no longer a conditionally-admitted student. This happens in July. Hang on to your approved waiver until July, but make sure to turn it in before the deadline of August 15th to get credit for state tuition (usually $1914 for full-time undergraduate students) for the Fall Quarter.  


If you are an incoming student or this is the first time you are using a Cal Vet College Fee Waiver, CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment with Kari Leslie, CMCS Lead Coordinator to better understand your benefits and how they work. 

  • Address on the waiver must match at least one student address in your Cal Poly portal
  • Make sure that your uploaded waiver is a clear, unwrinkled, pdf
  • Your social security number must have been submitted to Cal Poly when you applied. If not, please let us know. 
  • The waiver covers the same tuition costs as the Cal Grant Fees (not Cal Grant B), State University Grant, Middle Class Scholarship and Athletic Fee Awards. There is no need to have both - they can not be used together. 


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