Cal Vet College Fee Waiver Submission

2023-24 Waivers are now school-specific and cannot be used at multiple schools. We can access the state system to download your waiver once with the information you provide below. 




If you are an incoming student or this is the first time you are using a Cal Vet College Fee Waiver, CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment with Kari Leslie, CMCS Lead Coordinator to better understand your benefits and how they work. 

  • Address on the waiver must match at least one student address in your Cal Poly portal. 
  • The waiver covers the same tuition costs as the Cal Grant Fees (not Cal Grant B), State University Grant,  and Athletic Fee Awards. There is no need to have both - they can not be used together. 


2022-2023 Academic year waivers will upload a copy of the approved waiver. 

2023-24 Academic year waivers will only upload their approval code (given to you by the approving agency - your county veterans service office - and your social security number. We will access your approved waiver through the state system. 


1 Start 2 Complete
Enter your Cal Poly email address. If you do not have a working Cal Poly email address yet, please wait to submit your waiver information. New Students: Cal Poly emails generally become active in the July before school starts in September.
Please let us know when you expect to graduate. Example: Spring 2026
I understand that the Cal Vet College Fee Waiver only waives mandatory system-wide tuition at Cal Poly. It does not cover campus-based registration fees or other costs. This program does not cover the expense of Extended Education courses at Cal Poly. The fee waiver approval received from a county veteran service office must be submitted here, each academic year. Waivers cannot be credited retroactively for previous academic years. Waivers must be submitted prior to the tuition due dates and can take several business days to process and be applied. If submitted after that date, students are responsible for paying their state tuition fees and requesting reimbursement after the waiver is credited. Please sign first and last name in acknowledgment.
If turning in a waiver for the 2022-23 academic year, you are required to upload a clear, pdf copy of the approved waiver letter.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
If you are turning in a 2023-2024 waiver, you will not upload a copy of the approval letter. Instead, you will provide the approval code here.
If you are turning in a 2023-2024 waiver, you will not upload a copy of the approval letter. Instead, you will provide the approval code above and the student's social security number here. These two items are required for us to retrieve the approval letter from the State of California system.

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